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Electric Comuta-Car outside Sierra Club tent Illinois State Fair 2009

1979 CitiVan Comuta-Van 2013 Earth Day Festival St. Louis

Electric Comuta Car dashboard

Sebring-Vanguard Vanguard Electric CitiCar photos videos history

1975 CitiCar gets refurbished It’s back on road in Normal Illinois Little Blue 1975 CitiCar hangs out with Nissan LEAF Marriott Hotel Uptown Normal Illinois Electric Comuta-Car outside Sierra Club tent Illinois State Fair 2009

“Little Blue” 1975 Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar National Plug In Day Normal Illinois

1976 Vanguard Electric CitiCar

Electric cars heading home after invading James S. McDonnell Planetarium St Louis

Are Smart Cars really smart

In the past I have written about how I feel Smart Cars don’t really live up to their name. Some readers have taken this to mean I dislike the car. While I don’t hate Smart cars I do feel that some people who drive them might be misinformed or hypocritical. My original Smart article pointed …

Kyle Feller’s 1975 Sebring-Vanguard Citicar 2013 Earth Day Festival St. Louis

Tesla Motors called me today

Earlier this evening I got an interesting call. We tend to get very few calls. So I was interested to see who would be calling at that time of night. Imagine my surprise when I look at the Caller ID and it says Tesla Motors. I did a quick double take. Honestly I still don’t …

Nissan LEAF purchasing leasing goes live Time to order your new electric car

It’s being reported that the Nissan LEAF Dealer portal has gone live. This should mean that reservation holders who live in areas where the LEAF is scheduled to be released will be contacted soon. Some Nissan LEAF reservation holders are reporting emails and phone calls alerting them to their chance to purchase or lease this …

Nissan LEAF reservation complete

Earlier today ( 5/13/2010 ) I completed our Nissan LEAF reservation ( with help from Cheryl ). Unfortunately the Nissan LEAF website doesn’t work well with the Mozilla based browser SeaMonkey. So Cheryl had to complete the LEAF reservation from work. The $99 reservation fee is fully refundable and doesn’t lock us into a commitment. …

Does the economy need the combustion engine

Over the years there have been many conspiracy theories in regards to why certain technologies haven’t been adopted or disappeared. I touched on this a little when writing about the possibility of a water car. There have been many claims that devices or hardware exist that improves gas mileage greatly. The next thing you hear …

Illinois State Fair photos videos

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Emerald Automotive t-001 hybrid electric cargo van

Neal Thompson “The Lord” Earth Day Forest Park St Louis 2014

Double rainbow Illinois State Fair Gate 2

Danger Gas

Richland Community College mobile biofuels laboratory Illinois State Fair 2010

Antique Archaeology better known as American Pickers LeClaire Iowa

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