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Stage 2 teen club Peoria Illinois

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Iggyz Scavenger Hunt

Iggyz Scavenger Hunt? Everyone is into doing Geocaching nowadays. But not everyone has the money to go out and buy a GPS unit. So when I was doing my post on the kids in the trunk. I got this really silly idea. Why not try and setup a scavenger hunt of my own. So here …

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A thank you to WeatherBug

This is a public thank you for recent gift I just received in the mail. There are at least two funny things about this. One I already have purchased this book myself. Has Amazon lost it's edge – A Treasure's Trove it may no longer be The second humorous thing here is this. I was …

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Amazon is making money

I was reading something the other day that covered this subject. But I honestly can't remember where. The article mentioned some event Amazon was putting on or backing. And how this event was a sign that the company was now officially making money. “'s revenue surged ahead in the second quarter both inside and outside …

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